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Undergraduate Study

Starting a degree is exciting. It's challenging and enlightening. It's the start of a new you. At jdb电子官网, it's also the start of a new way of thinking. Here, you'll learn to challenge things. To see problems as opportunities. And to think creatively about the world around you. It's your new superpower.

Creative thinkers made here.
Creative thinkers made here.

Why jdb电子官网?

Meet our undergraduates

Our undergraduate students come from all walks of life and educational backgrounds. Hear what some of them they have to say about their jdb电子官网 experience in these short videos.

Explore your options

Samantha Mowle is a psychology student who really appreciates flexibility. And she found it at a university that's renowned for helping all kinds of students get into their study groove.

After Michaela De Paolis fell in love with CrossFit, it led to a passion for nutrition – food being key to any kind of fitness routine. This led to a career change and a return to uni.

Liam Guy's passions include health and science. Little wonder he's now a Health Science student, specialising in Environmental Management and Health Promotion. It's a good career direction too.

Dan's a brickie with a difference. He's studying psychology online with jdb电子官网, while juggling work, family and a social life.

Soumita Kale is a cyber security student who never sits still. When she's not studying, she's volunteering to run workshops about coding for high school girls or explaining cyber safety to kids.

Becoming a midwife has been a long-time passion for Brodie Hibberd. Now she's on her way with jdb电子官网's unique double dose of nursing and midwifery degrees.

Courses you can study here

To help you start to find a career direction, we group similar fields of work into study areas.

Within each study area, you can choose an undergraduate (first) degree. And within most degree courses, you can choose a specialty, or major subject in your first or second year.

Many of our undergraduate courses can also be studied online.

Explore your interests

To help you find a course to match your career aspirations, we've grouped broad areas of work into eight study areas. Each study area has disciplines you can explore to find your course.

Scholarship opportunities

Scholarships recognise students whose life journey may have been challenging, as well as people who've shown outstanding academic excellence and endeavour.

Download a guide

If you prefer paper over pixels, please download one of our guides.

Domestic Students

Undergraduate course guide

Creative thinkers start here

Experience Undergraduate at jdb电子官网.


Need some help deciding what to study?

Our future student events include a mix of on-campus and online sessions designed to help you decide what to study at jdb电子官网.

Student stories

  • Jordan Butler

    Jordan Butler

    jdb电子官网 Civil Engineering graduate

    If you want a well-rounded and practical experience, definitely study Engineering at jdb电子官网

    My advice to students would be to study to get a job, not to get a degree. Maximise your opportunities to get experience that will get you a career. So for me, that was participating in Engineering societies, going overseas, joining the Vice‑Chancellor's forum and so forth. All of these gave me interpersonal skills and international experience.

    If you want a well‑rounded and practical experience, definitely study Engineering at jdb电子官网.

  • Aaron Tucker

    Aaron Tucker

    jdb电子官网 Finance graduate

    I chose jdb电子官网 because it offered fully online units with fantastic student support, which was ideal when I was working full time at the start of my degree

    My entire world view has been expanded by studying at jdb电子官网. I had no real idea how complicated Finance was before I started. The further into my studies I have progressed, the more I have leant on things I picked up in the first year introductory classes. The skills I have picked up during my course have always had a compounding effect and I now feel comfortable to market myself to employers.

  • Artika Kirby

    Artika Kirby

    jdb电子官网 Medical Science graduate

    Gaining familiarity with industry standard practices and state-of-the-art equipment was priceless.

    I'm extremely grateful for the opportunities jdb电子官网 provided me within research and diagnostic environments. This included working in the PC2 labs, which are set-up with ample space for conducting experiments and analysis.

The Important Things

Things you should know about if you're thinking about studying here.

Course Entry

There's more than one admission pathway into an jdb电子官网 course. It depends on what you've studied already, or your work or life experience.

Fees & Scholarships

Course tuition fees can change, but we can give you an estimate of your costs. If you're eligible, a scholarship or student loan can help too.


Applying for a course is a fairly simple process, especially if you have scanned copies of qualifications, your resume or other paperwork, ready to upload.

jdb电子官网 Experience

Starting a course is an exciting and sometimes daunting time, so we make a massive effort to ensure you get all the support you need to have a positive experience.